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McInroy Basements Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Belleville. Learn more about McInroy Basements Inc.'s recent work requests in Belleville and nearby areas!

Learn more about McInroy Basement Systems Inc.'S recent work requests in Belleville, ON
Vicinity of Bristol Pl in Belleville
Water ingress in basement, no know point of entry. We had taken the vapour barrier and look behind the obvious areas, dryer vent hole and fireplace chimney hole with all the upper regions of the area being dry. We had it two other times with no recurrence immediately after and at least a week after.
Vicinity of Donald St in Belleville
Mould in basement, need quote first and then fix the problem? Property tenanted!
Vicinity of Bridge Street East in Belleville
Hi, I have an old century home and I want to protect the inside of my basement wall since the current protection (a white hard coating) is shedding and start to stain. I already have a sump pump and french drain. Please contact me to schedule an appointment to do a quote. I am moving out and will turn the house into a rental so it would be vacant for a week or so. Thank you David
Vicinity of North Park St in Belleville
My basement has what appears to be red and black mold growing in it and is always damp..
Vicinity of Craig Road in Belleville
During heavy rain we have experienced flooding
Vicinity of Lee Avenue in Belleville
I recently moved in the house located at the mentioned address. I noticed water leakage coming from the basement cellar during a rainstorm. Request an evaluation for the cost of repair.
Vicinity of Purdy St. in Belleville
Vertical crack approx. 1/4" running from top of foundation to below grade, 8" from corner.
Vicinity of Spruce Gardens in Belleville
Currently have 18 year old pedestal sump pump that works well - over the 10 years living in the house, the pump has been heard occasionally. The concern is that it is old and there is no battery back up.
Vicinity of Bleecker Ave. in Belleville
Hello, I have a 12x12 crawl space under an addition that is currently dirt floor and very poorly insulated. There is access only through a window from the main basement. A man can fit inside, as I have been inside there as few times to check it out. I am looking for a quote to clean it up and seal it. The rest of the house is very solid and I'd like this (80's) addition to get up to par. I may also be interested in your crawl space support system as the floor is springy. Appointments after 4pm are best, but I can work around if possible.
Vicinity of Farley Avenue in Belleville
House built in mid 50's , needs extra supports in dirt crawlspace as has sagged over the years. Has a few small cracks in plaster and bathroom door sticks. Also living room floor has some bounce and so does one bedroom. This is a dirtfloor crawl space
Vicinity of Hasting Dr. in Belleville
Leak basement. requires repair looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Harris Cresent in Belleville
Little water in my basement, has happened twice in the past year. Only during big rain storms, only happening in one location. On the opposite side of the home of the sub pump.
Vicinity of Crestview Ave in Belleville
Basement flooded. Coming through ceiling aswell
Vicinity of Eastwood Park Drive in Belleville
Water leakage through south facing wall into laundry room and Furnace /storage room
Vicinity of Lemoine in Belleville
Previous water issues in Spring water seepage along basement floor and wall
Vicinity of Westmount Drive in Belleville
We have lived in our house for 15 years and have had water seep into our basement (along the edge of the floor) on a couple of occasions during spring thaws. We have some small areas around the perimeter of the basement with efflorescence. The basement has a small finished rec room, a 2 piece bathroom, a partially finished laundry room and a crawl space used for storage. Unfortunately our house does not have a sump pump. We are interested in seeing what options are available so that we have confidence that we will not have issues in the future.
Vicinity of Cobblestone Drive in Belleville
Rental property with basement leak. Call to arrange visit.
Vicinity of in Belleville
We are moving into a home on November 1st. It has two sub-pumps, and neither has a backup. We would like the pricing for the installation of a battery backup.
Vicinity of Bridge Street West in Belleville
Water proofing 2 walls approximately 35 feet. Call me in the morning please.
Vicinity of Brassey in Belleville
Beginning in March we have had a very strong mildew or mold smell throughout our small home. We suspect the crawlspace as the smell seems to come from there. It went away for a few months but it has returned last week very strong. The real problem is the crawlspace seems only to be about 2 feet high. It barely qualifies as a crawlspace. We are wondering if you offer mould mitigation or encapsulation. The floor of the space is dirt. The home is at least 170 years old.
Vicinity of Evans in Belleville
Are basement leaks all the time the walls
Vicinity of Bay Drive in Belleville
Water coming in along the seam in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Kawartha Court in Belleville
I would like to make sure I have a plan in place in case the power goes out.
Vicinity of Cherry Gardens in Belleville
Just noticed a couple of stains, pulled off a plywood panel and it water seems to be coming from base. Would appreciate some advice/quote. Thanks.
Vicinity of Northwood Crescent in Belleville
Leaking in foundation causing flooding in basement.
Vicinity of Dufferin Ave in Belleville
Water appears to be coming in through the concrete flooring cracks and seams along the flooring and walls. There is pooling water. Basement is presently unfinished, but is in the process of being renovated into a livable space. House is 70 years old with poured concrete floor and concrete block walls.
Vicinity of Valleyview Crescent in Belleville
Water in the basement. Need a solution to keep the waters from coming into the basement.
Vicinity of North Park St. in Belleville
After heavy rainfall, water is seeping into unfinished part of basement through floor cracks and around floor joints. Also found foundation crack. Am concerned the water is finding way to finished part of basement. House built in 1956. Also would like to upgrade sump pump if possible, depending on cost.
Vicinity of Gordon St in Belleville
Cold floors in several rooms as basement is small and the rest is crawl space with no obvious entry
Vicinity of Collonial Road in Belleville
Interior basement wall needs interior weeping tile and waterproofing. 30 feet long. existing sump pump is located on same wall for easy access. please call back, I need a quote.
Vicinity of Bridge Street East in Belleville
Water coming in through floor after thaw and rain
Vicinity of Huntingwood Drive in Belleville
Looking for a quote to put in an egress window and window well in a basement room where there currently is no window.
Vicinity of Spruce Gardens in Belleville
I have a sump pump which runs quite frequently. I am interested in a battery backup system or a system which will protect us more effectively in case of power outage etc.
Vicinity of Octavia Street in Belleville
I have water that seeps up through the floor. I own an old house, about 100 years old, with a rock foundation.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Court in Belleville
I have had water seep into my basement, landscape of yard slopes toward house, water tends to pool
Vicinity of Dufferin Ave in Belleville
Crawl space- vapor barrier and potential supports needed.
Vicinity of Thorncliffe Drive in Belleville
My current sump pump has gotten very noisy lately and sounds like it's days are numbered. I'd like to see about getting it replaced. thx. Steve
Vicinity of SAGE STEET BELLEVILLE in Belleville
We have a wall crack in a poured concrete wall that we had repaired by another basement waterproofing contractor 2 years ago. It has recently leaked again. They did not use an injection type system to repair, just chip and plug. I'm looking for an estimate to properly inject and the seal crack. It is accessible from the inside. About 6' long.
Vicinity of StrathconaDr. in Belleville
Slightly wet basement. Want to refinish. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of Eastwood Park Drive in Belleville
I would like to schedule someone to come and advise on the costing of having my basement waterproofed. It is concrete block. Please advise, Thanks Ruth
Vicinity of North Park Street in Belleville
After heavy rainfall, water seeping up through basement floor and around edge.
Vicinity of St Charles St in Belleville
I have one wall at the back of the house, that water seems to be leaking threw,
Vicinity of Edward in Belleville
Water coming into my basement
Vicinity of Gardiner St in Belleville
Water is leal ng through walls at the baseboard in 3 places
Vicinity of Taylor Dr. in Belleville
Leaking through cement blocks in basement
Vicinity of Salisbury Rd in Belleville
Shifted block foundation, wedged sill plate and main center beam missing supports in crawlspace basement. We would like a quote as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Hanover Court in Belleville
Need the basement finished. New development. Want to add a bedroom and a bathroom w/ a shower. taking into account the furnace room approximately 1100 sq ft will need to be finished.
Vicinity of Thompson Court in Belleville
Wet basement wall and some mold in cold storage room
Vicinity of Harris Cr in Belleville
The family owns an estate home where there is a primary sump pump. We want to explore options for upgrading the existing prmiary system, including bringing the discharge up to code and provision on a battery back-up. I'll welcome a call at my contact number above towards arranging a site visit. Thanks. Chris
Vicinity of Country Club Drive in Belleville
Basement leaks around the perimeter when we get heavy rainfall, as we did yesterday
Vicinity of in Belleville
We have partial basement, partial crawl space. There is water coming in along the floor of the basement along the interior wall that is shared by the full basement and crawl space. Please contact via email.
Vicinity of Thorncliffe Dr in Belleville
Musty smell in crawl space,