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Learn more about McInroy Basement Systems' recent work requests in Kingston, ON
Vicinity of Conservatory Dr. in Kingston
Wet garage and basement floors. Looking for quotes and recommendations.
Vicinity of Muirfeild Crescent in Kingston
We have a crack running through our basement wall from a window
Vicinity of Downing St in Kingston
Damp crawl space.
Vicinity of Dunkirk Ave in Kingston
I recently bought a new house and moved in. When we had the home inspector come through to assess the place, the crawl space was dry. Now after a week of really humid weather, there is a lot of condensation in my crawl space. The crawl space is vented and has a vapor barrier down on the floor. I want to decrease the moisture levels in the crawl space. I also want to insulate the walls of the crawl space (currently there is insulation under the floor. I would like to get a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wellington Street in Kingston
Interested in triple pump system. Previous flooding and constant concern with the heavy down pours. Have two pumps with second presently failed and needing replacement. First to storm system, second to exterior. Battery back up also of interest.
Vicinity of McMahon Avenue in Kingston
Water damage on one wall in basement
Vicinity of Larchwood in Kingston
Side of house basement gets water when rains heavy.
Vicinity of Phillips St. in Kingston
Hi, I'm looking to have a sump pump installed in the basement of my home. I'm not sure how much other than the installation you are willing to do, but I would also like to put weeping tile along the side of one room where the water comes in (about 12-15 ft total) with the sump pump in the middle. Let me know what your thoughts are, thanks.
Vicinity of Sunny Acres Road in Kingston
Recently moved into house. Removed carpet in basement to find rotten subfloor along perimeter of majority of basement. Water seeping in. Looking for quote for repair
Vicinity of Dunham Street in Kingston
Looking for a free estimate to get my already existing sump pump which is still working without any trouble but has passed more than 10 years so was considering a replacement.
Vicinity of Dillingham in Kingston
Cracking foundation allows for some water to leak into basement. Needs repairing and drainage issue that contributes to be resolved.
Vicinity of Morenz Cres. in Kingston
Hello, I have a crack (or possibly cracks) in the basement walls on the outside. Water is getting into the walls and then leaking into the basement of the house. I am looking for a solution. Thanks, Jenn
Vicinity of Wise Street in Kingston
Have a small crack in my basement wall that seeps water occasionally.
Vicinity of Davis Dr. in Kingston
Water leakage into basement in the spring.
Vicinity of Finch Street in Kingston
Water was found in the basement.
Vicinity of in Kingston
2 cracks in a block foundation and water seeping through when the snow thaws. There are signs of black mold.
Vicinity of Albert Street in Kingston
Some water seeping into basement. enough to cause issues with Dricore floor. Need to determine best course of action. Do not think External waterproofing is a option. Could you please email with a time that one of your people could come to assess. Thank you in advance.
Vicinity of Chancery St in Kingston
We are doing a basement reno and when we removed the old drywall the cement block walls were wet so we would like to have it looked at before continuing the renovation. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Kingston
Have had a small area of water twice on basement floor in last two weeks. Only 2 or 3 square feet in size. Coming in behind drywall.
Vicinity of Brock St in Kingston
Hi! We recently purchased this property and noticed dampness and some water in a basement after the last storm in Kingston. We will appreciate it very much if you can come on August 30, 31 or September 1st and help us to figure out what is going on. Thank you in advance, Alla
Vicinity of Shillington Place in Kingston
We have 2 big floor cracks in our concrete basement floor in the rec room. Need a quote to fix the problem for our insurance company. Thanking you in advance.
Vicinity of Sherwood Drive in Kingston
We have a basement that leaks water. There are currently 2 sump pumps and a central drain to handle the water but we are looking to eventually develop the basement and would like to start the process of making it liveable. The leak is not bad, only a small stream at a time, does not flood the entire floor.
Vicinity of Milton Avenue in Kingston
Old sump pump Open hole in floor - can it be covered up? no back up sump Looks like it is pumping out to septic - is that a good idea? Lots of expensive electrical equipment in same area **We are getting whole house generator put in**
Vicinity of in Kingston
Cinderblock foundation leaks on north and east facing walls during heavy rain / wet season. Was quoted from someone else but want a second opinion for interior / exterior options.
Vicinity of Sydenham Rd. in Kingston
Basement leaks through the concrete walls when it rains . we would like to repair this problem so we could finish the basement for more living space .
Vicinity of Sydenham Street in Kingston
Hi, We have a basement that does get water encroachment fairly regularly. The sump pump is not always able to keep up with the demand. We would like to get a quote to repair the issue. Thank you, Tara
Vicinity of Monaco Crt in Kingston
Hi, We have 2 cracks on either side of our basement in our 6 year old home. It's apparently not covered under Tarion's home warranty, so we were looking at getting it repaired on our own and wanted to see what our options are. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cottsmere Crt in Kingston
We had a basement flood early in Jan. There isn't an obvious cause except that the wind and rain was very heavy from the north-west and that's the corner the water came from. All inside is repaired and we'd like a professional assessment of the cause and an estimate to prevent it occurring again.
Vicinity of Yonge St in Kingston
My foundation has been damp in the furnace room for a few years but I couldn't figure it out, thought maybe water table was high and I noticed water coming in Sunday night when it was raining.
Vicinity of Evergreen Drive in Kingston
Moisture forming in unfinished portion of basement between plastic seal and insulation. Some people have said this is normal because of the different air temperatures colliding, others say this is an issue that could cause mold. Looking for an expert opinion, Sheldon
Vicinity of Johnson in Kingston
I had flood in my basement each time it is raining and I would like to fix that issue. Thanks
Vicinity of Fourth Ave. in Kingston
In January .. my crawl space flooded .. unfortunately that is where my furnace is located .. needless to say .. it was fried and replaced ..Would like to get the crawl space winterized so I am ready for next winter .. also I need a proper cover for the opening installed
Vicinity of Collingwood St in Kingston
A leak in a cement block wall in the basement at this address. We do not want to dig up the exterior as it is landscaped and has a patio attached.
Vicinity of Portsmouth Ave in Kingston
A quote for a wet basement witha sup pump
Vicinity of Monterey Court in Kingston
Looking for quote on supply delivery and installation of a secondary battery powered sump pump for my home
Vicinity of Gibson Ave in Kingston
Crack at two location on my foundation
Vicinity of Main Street in Kingston
Hello. We have a dirt crawlspace that we're thinking of encapsulating to reduce the moisture and cold air coming through the floors. Ideally we'd like to insulate between the joists for the main floor as well (not sure if that's something you do as well). It's a fairly shallow crawlspace in the front half of the house (maybe a couple of feet high). Wondering what a rough estimate would be for 1)encapsulation (if capable) and 2)insulation(if capable). The surface area is roughly 1,200 sqft. Thank you, Quang
Vicinity of Baiden Street in Kingston
I'd like to get rid of a musty smell in my basement.
Vicinity of George St in Kingston
I am looking to have a sump pump installed and would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Sibbit Avenue in Kingston
Water leakage in basement. We think it is coming from the window wells/foundation.
Vicinity of Oak in Kingston
Need a back up battery sump pump and deeper sump pump
Vicinity of Avenue Road in Kingston
We have water coming in during big meltdowns and heavy rains. We have no sump pump. Would appreciate you having a look and providing us with some options.
Vicinity of Regency Court in Kingston
I have a water issue in my basement. Weepage in one area, not related to ground water levels (I have no sump pump). Last summer I did substantial grading of the yard and the problem disappeared. This winter we had a heavy rain while the ground was frozen and from a odd direction (due south wind). I'm wondering if a French drain could be my risk mitigation to avoid digging up the whole foundation. Please contact me when possible.
Vicinity of Gibson Ave. in Kingston
Hello, We have a small, yet persistent water problem in our basement and are looking for advice/solutions. Looking forward to hearing from you and arranging a visit here. Cheers, M. Patterson
Vicinity of Danbury Rd in Kingston
I am removing the carpet in our basement and noticed what could be black mold in a couple areas, and 1 in particular the bottom 3 inches of the wall were rotten. I'm looking to confirm if its a foundation problem and if so then repairing it. If its just mold I would also be looking to correct this problem. I can provide pictures if this helps. The sooner the better as we have floorers coming to install in early feb (could be rescheduled if necessary) Thanks, Dan
Vicinity of Kingsdale Avenue in Kingston
Prevention of water seepage in the basement.
Vicinity of Danbury Rd. in Kingston
Water in basement
Vicinity of Carleton Street in Kingston
My basement is wet - the carpets are wet. It's not flooded.
Vicinity of Braelorne Place in Kingston
Had Utilities Kingston do a site visit and provide Preventative Plumbing Program form. Flooding due to soil saturation. House has no sump pump. Installation of sump pump and possible interior weeping tile system to feed the sump pump. Option to run pump discharge across basement ceiling and exit the basement above grade.
Vicinity of Alfred St. in Kingston
Vicinity of Crimson Cres in Kingston
Crack on exterior foundation wall. South side of house.
Vicinity of Fleet St in Kingston
Our basement leaked a week ago when we had the big rain storm. After cleaning up we still noticed a bad smell which upon further investigation led to the discovery of some mold and water damage behind drywall. We would like to get an estimate for waterproofing our basement to prevent future leaks. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mowat Ave in Kingston
Heavy rain results in a wet basement. Sump pump perhaps inadequate.
Vicinity of Helen St in Kingston
Water coming into my basement
Vicinity of in Kingston
I have a leak in my foundation, I suspect from a crack, and would like an estimate on repair.
Vicinity of Mack Street in Kingston
My basement is flooded.
Vicinity of Abdo Road in Kingston
I have a leak in the basement coming through an old sewage pipe that was filled with concrete.
Vicinity of Raglan in Kingston
I have a crawl space under my house that i quite damp and rat keep getting into it and then eventually up into the house. I am hoping to have it sealed from both moister and pests.
Vicinity of Marwood Place in Kingston
Quote on crack in basement wall - leaking water
Vicinity of PINE ST in Kingston
Hello, We move last year to a renovated home. The basement wasn't finished and is in its original state. There is a sub pump but the walls have cracks and every rainfall we get water inside the basement. I
Vicinity of Wintergreen Cres in Kingston
My basement is leaking with all the rain. I put eves on hoping it would stop but it didn't work.
Vicinity of Gibson Ave in Kingston
Minor, yet persistent water issue in basement.
Vicinity of Sherwood Drive in Kingston
House built in 1960. some water coming in through the basement floor.
Vicinity of Smithfield Crescent in Kingston
We had some water seeping in our cinderblock wall in a basement bedroom. Looking for a solution to this issue. Thanks.
Vicinity of Justus Dr in Kingston
Good Afternoon, We're looking for someone who can waterproof a cinder blocked are for us? We're a commercial building and were hoping to find a local company who can do it. Please give us an e-mail (not phone since our line is having a bit problem at the moment) so we can talk more about the project. Thank you!
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Kingston
Basement gets a strong musty smell this time of year that is then circulated throughout house. Suspect mould behind paneling in basement and probably need to remove carpet.
Vicinity of Warbler Lane in Kingston
Crawl space that is damp and looking to seal.
Vicinity of Chelsea Rd in Kingston
We have found a crack in our foundation and had water seeping into our basement recently when the rain was heavy.
Vicinity of Aylmer Crescent in Kingston
Basement seepage in North West corner of the house (against driveway).
Vicinity of Toronto St in Kingston
Older home, foundation concerns with heavy rains this year, some water leakage in the basement.
Vicinity of Bath Rd in Kingston
Leak in crawl space, not sure if the big O is blocked.
Vicinity of Lennox St in Kingston
Water leaking foundation on at least one side of the house.
Vicinity of Cranbrook Street in Kingston
I have water seeping into my basement every time it rains, but only on one side of the house. I believe it is coming in from a crack in the foundation but i am no expert. Problem is i think it is coming in beside the driveway or the deck. Also, the basement is pretty much finished, so i think the drywall, insulation, studs and floor tile has potential to grow mold. This problem has been happening for a few years now but obviously way worse this year with the rain, I currently rent the home to 2 people and do not want them to complain about this issue. I live in Belleville but work in Kingston everyday so i am available to meet at the home.
Vicinity of Willingdon Ave in Kingston
Need basement sump pump
Vicinity of MacDonnell St. in Kingston
Hello, I just moved in this house. Now, my basement have musty smell. I'd like to update this basement livable. Thank you,
Vicinity of Welborne in Kingston
Have water coming up from foundation. House was previously excavated and sealed with that black doppled wrap but issue seems to be water coming up through floor. I have no sump pump so am looking for a quote to add on to a finished basement.
Vicinity of Briarwood Drive in Kingston
I have wetness around the wall on the floor of a finished area of my basement. Pulling back my carpet revealed rotted wood, and wetness on the floor only.
Vicinity of Everitt in Kingston
East corner of basement is wet.
Vicinity of Mowat Ave in Kingston
My basement had some water after all the rain. Might need another sump pump.
Vicinity of Mona Drive in Kingston
Water coming into the basement in the NW corner.
Vicinity of College in Kingston
1) Primary issue is a cold storage room in my basement that has walls made of cinder-blocks. There is mold in the room and obvious signs of moisture coming through the wall. I would like to find out about waterproofing this room 2) I would like to find out about options for finishing the basement floor. There are sections with very rough drains etc.
Vicinity of Gordon in Kingston
Water in basement ..... crawl space and rec room
Vicinity of Portsmouth Ave in Kingston
Hi there, My husband and I recently bought a new (to us - we believe it was build in 1949) home and there is a crack in the foundation wall which is leaking. There have been a couple of mild and wet days in Kingston over the last week or so, and this has resulted in us having quite a bit of water in the basement. It is unfinished and the leak is near the sump pump, but we have needed to monitor it and shovel the water to the pump to ensure it dries. At this point we are hoping to get an idea of the work involved in correcting this issue and the cost. Thanks in advance for your help. Jess
Vicinity of Barrie St. in Kingston
Wet basement
Vicinity of Rose Abbey Dr. in Kingston
Basement is leaking from outside water. Third season this is happening. Mostly in one corner. Thinking that the WaterGuard System would be our best choice.
Vicinity of Mowat Avenue in Kingston
Mold in garage and basement floor
Vicinity of Briceland St in Kingston
Basement finishing and design
Vicinity of GREEN BAY RD in Kingston
I am interested in a dehumidifer for my basement/home.
Vicinity of Pinewood Place in Kingston
We have some moisture problem not sure where it is coming from. There is also mold growing in there as well.
Vicinity of Bicknell Crescent in Kingston
Our basement has flooded (seepage) several times. We're guessing and hoping that a sump pump might help the situation. Please email or text. I rarely answer the above phone number.
Vicinity of Durham St in Kingston
Water seeping in lower corner of foundation. Musty smell in basement
Vicinity of Lincoln Drive in Kingston
Existing crawl space has had water damage in the past to some joists which need repair and preventative measures. Insulation also needs to be addressed.
Vicinity of Coronation Blvd in Kingston
June 2014 water leaking through basement walls very musty and damp smell is bad
Vicinity of Kanata Court in Kingston
Dampness feel and odor in our mostly finished basement
Vicinity of Roshan Drive in Kingston
I have a crack in the hairline foundation wall in the basement. My basement is 4 feet into the ground so we need to do it from outside and inside.
Vicinity of Johnson Street in Kingston
I would like to get an estimate for some work that may need to be done in my basement. Thanks, Patrick
Vicinity of Larchwood Cres in Kingston
We just bought our house in May. We have since seen evidence of water in the basement around the walls and would like to finish it eventually so we would like to nip the problem now.
Vicinity of Allum Avenue in Kingston
Front corner of crawl space has occasional leakage. Usually in spring when snow melts.
Vicinity of Robson Place in Kingston
Some water coming in even with what I consider minimal rain. Over the year, cement slab around house has lowered. Please call after 11h15.
Vicinity of Princess St in Kingston
Sump pump is not working, can't find the reset button.
Vicinity of County Club Drive in Kingston
Localized water leak through concrete block wall. Area is entrance well to basement from garage above.
Vicinity of Wembly in Kingston
Small leak in our crawl space, unsure of how it is getting into the house. Would like to get an idea of what work will need to get done. Please contact me VIA email THanks
Vicinity of Carmil Blvd in Kingston
Hello , I removed some large shelves in my basement and noticed some issues with the foundation. I did have some water issues this past spring and am looking for an assessment Thank you
Vicinity of Humberside in Kingston
Found mold on the wall in two places in our basement. We cracked through the damp drywall and discovered there was no vapor barrier. We would like a quote asap. Thanks, Brooke
Vicinity of Thomas Street in Kingston
Basement leaks along the exterior walls, especially during heavy rain/snow conditions. Constantly running both a humidex and dehumidifier. Also have surface mold along the lower concrete basement walls.
Vicinity of Kingston Mills RD in Kingston
We have a finished basement. During heavy rain water seeps in around the perimeter. Quite a bit of water at times. No water stains on the walls. I have no idea what I'm dealing with and would like a consult/quote. We do not have a sump pump but I don't think that alone would resolve the problem. Older home. thanks
Vicinity of Bath Road in Kingston
Hi, We're planning to have our crawl space done and I was wondering what the 25 year warranty covers. Thanks, Ken
Vicinity of Pembridge Crescent in Kingston
Minor leak in corner of unfinished area of basement. Leak has occurred only a few times, during the winter months when there is snow on the ground and it is raining.
Vicinity of Harten Lane in Kingston
Would like a new sump pump installed with a battery back up system.
Vicinity of Fifth Ave in Kingston
I have had some water leakage in my basement. The amount was relatively minor, wet carpet rather then a flood. I suspect leakage between the pad and foundation wall. The house is a from about 1960, with a step-foundation.
Vicinity of Renda St in Kingston
Leaking basement walls
Vicinity of Brock St in Kingston
I have wet corner in basement. Please contact me regarding this problem. Thank you.
Vicinity of Butternut Creek Road in Kingston
Quote for battery backup sump pump & installation. Thank you
Vicinity of Blenheim Terrace in Kingston
Flooding in basement. We'd like to get it waterproofed before interior renovations.
Vicinity of Fairfax Dr. in Kingston
We have block walls in our basement. An area at the bottom of one wall (less than a foot long) is leaking substantially right now throught the seam of the blocks.
Vicinity of Rudd Ave in Kingston
Water leaking in unfinished basement, looks to be coming from the seam of the bottom of basement wall. We moved into this house in June 2013. The house is 2 years old, but the foundation is original. Probably 30 or 40 years old. Always water when we have a heavy rainfall. Also have a new deck out back, along the wall that leaks. Hoping to find a way to fix the problem from the inside.
Vicinity of Bonny Lane in Kingston
Hi, i have a small water leak in the bottom corner of my basement wall
Vicinity of Bonny Lane in Kingston
Located a leak in our basement during renovations. The leak is near the floor in the foundation. Leak seems to be near the rebar.
Vicinity of in Kingston
Some of the sill plate has rotted out, fungus growing on some joists in the crawl space. This location is our cabin which is wood heat only. The rot is in the addition that was built in 1998. The rest of the cabin was built in the 70's which has a damp unfinished basement but no visible problem
Vicinity of Sheridan Sreet in Kingston
Finishing a basement, 1200 sqft, need a full bathroom, a bed room, a walking closet and a recreation room.
Vicinity of Mowat Ave. in Kingston
Installing a sump pump in the basement. Prefer an estimate in August.
Vicinity of Sydenham Road in Kingston
The floor in the one corner of my basement keeps getting wet after a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Milford Dr in Kingston
I was doing some cleaning in my basement and I noticed water along the edge of the walls. It would appear that water is getting into my basement.
Vicinity of Chatham Street in Kingston
Foundation build on limestone bedrock. Basement is used for storage and would like to protect contents and keeps as dry as possible.
Vicinity of Kepler Rd in Kingston
I am looking for a quote on a battery backup sump pump.
Vicinity of Francis Street in Kingston
Cracking in drywall joints and separation between floor and baseboards (3/8") indicates settling of the house. Probable cause is improper remedial structural work done prior to purchasing house in 2010. Cracking is most prevalent in stairwell. Home was constructed in 1950 and has a crawlspace on bedrock.
Vicinity of Green Bay Road in Kingston
Interior: (1) Intermittent leak at bottom of basement wall during heavy rainfall or snowmelt. (2) Sump pump container nonexistent. Exterior: French drain at perimeter (south wall) not draining (different wall than interior leak) but no leak into basement.
Vicinity of Butternut Creek Road in Kingston
Leaky basement foundation quote please and thanks